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Grades Subject Topic
Making with Makey Makey
Debra Gochros, Kanuikapono PCS

Lesson for using the MakeyMakey to introduce Engineering Design Process

7, 8 Engineering Design Process Electronics
Molokai Ecology Unit
Jennifer Ainoa, Molokai Middle

Ecology Unity with tree classification

7 Science Life Science, Ecology
Ping Pong Bowling
Unknown, Wahiawa Middle

Ping-Pong Bowling Activity

6, 7, 8 Science Engineering Design Process
Planet Destination
Faith Medley, Iao Intermediate

The students will be learning specific characteristics about planets through research. They must then take that information and develop a vacation package to the planet and will present it in the form of a power point presentation to the class. Students must include all research information and present it as a sales promotion.

8 Science Space Research, PowerPoint
Tsunamis and Water Quality
Lorie Javier, King Intermediate

Lesson plan for Environmental Impact of Tsunamis

8 Science Water Quality, Water Cycle, Sustainability
Vernier LabQuest Science
Philip, University of Hawaii

How to use LabQuest version 1.4

6, 7, 8 Science Chemistry, Water Quality
Voicethread Projects
Skye Darnell, Kalakaua Middle

Student use Voicethreads to expalin different math concepts.

8 Math Various
Water Challenge Tutorial and Guide
STEM Pre-Academy

How to use the water filtration Backpack

6, 7, 8 Science Water Quality
Water Quality Survey
Harvey Llantero, Washington Middle

Water Quality Survey

8 Science Water Quality