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Edwin and Steven,
My students printed out one part of the model over this weekend. It was successful printed as as you guided me to do so.
We would like to have your help on the printout. We wonder If we can removed as empty space we planned is filled up with plastics materials.
We also would to know if we can have an additional refill of plastic wire as it almost run out of it. Or would like to know where we can purchase it locally.
Thank you

Nov 27 2017 - 10:50am
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Hi Tomo!

Thanks for stopping by our offices to show us the 3D printing fruits of your student's labor! I mentioned this while you were here, but often, you can rotate the model before printing (in your case, in the MakerBot software) so that it doesn't need to print any supporting material.

Here's an example of this on thingiverse.

If the ship had been printed sitting on it's landing gear, the printer would be forced to print supporting material under it because of the space between the bottom of the ship and the ground. But flipping it up, there is very little area that needs to be supported. I hope this made sense!

For purchase of filament, our goto place is plain-ol We do suggested getting MakerBot branded filament for the MakerBot printer, though--i really seems to make a difference in the final product and isn't really too much more expensive!

Thank you!

Dec 8 2017 - 1:40pm
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Keeping with the Star Wars theme of my previous link, here's another great example of modifying the orientation of the model (and the model itself) to avoid printing supports.

And lastly, because it might help others, I'll relate another tidbit from our conversation. In the process of talking about the models that your students had designed, and specifically the pretty big size of those models, it was suggested that perhaps you make one of the design challenges to make a functional object, but also make it with the LEAST amount of filament. That requirement for the project will save time and money (in printing and filament) and also give the students another angle to explore.

Dec 8 2017 - 2:02pm