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Horizon Renewable Energy Box (Stand-Alone)


1 Hand crank generator 1 Ethanol fuel cell module 1 Reversible fuel cell 1 Salt water fuel cell 1 Multi car chassis 1 Battery pack 1 LED module 1 Mini fuel cell base 1 Potentiometer 1 Super capacitor 1 Water tank base 1 Solar panel 1 HYDROSTIK PRO 1 Pressure regulator 1 Mini fuel cell 1 Thermoelectrical system 1 Rotor Base 1 Blade holder 1 Assembly lock 1 Main body assembly 1 Variable resister module 1 Base assembly 3 Blade A (3pcs) 3 Blade B (3pcs) 3 Blade C (3pcs) 1 Windpitch post assembly 1 Spanner 1 Spanner 1 Screwdriver 1 Water & oxygen tank 1 Water & hydrogen tank 1 Fuel solution container 1 HYDROSTIK PRO U locker 1 HYDROSTIK PRO suport 1 Syringe 1 Fuel cell base 1 Multi connection base 1 Solar panel support 1 Heavy fan module 1 Fan module 1 Fan blade 1 Ethanol fuel tank with lid 1 Wires 1 Wheel 1 Purging valve 1 Clamp 1 PH paper 1 Silicon tubes 1 Red & black pins 1 Fan blade & wheel adapter 1 Windpitch post screws 1 Reversible fuel cell 1 Thermometers 1 REM USB cable 1 REM 1 REM CD 1 Education CD 1 User Manual

This stand-alone demonstration kit is a great way to introduce the different types of renewable energy like different types of fuel cell technology, solar, wind, and kinetic energy. You can create a fuel cell car with three different types of fuel cells, or see the difference with a solar car, or test out the wind turbine. This kit comes with a booklet full of ideas for activities to do with your students. Comes complete with measuring devices and a data logger.

Borrowing items is available to STEM Pre-Academy participating teachers. For more information, please contact us!