Pasco Horizon Renewable Energy Kit


1 Wind Turbine 9 Long Curved Blade (3 sets of different curvatures) 9 Long Flat Blades 6 Short Flat Blades 1 Reversible Fuel Cell Module 1 Gas/Water Storage Module 1 Silicon Tubing w/ red and black tubings plugs - 70 cm 1 Small Motor w/ Propeller 1 AA Battery Pack 2 Pair of Banana Plug Cables

Explore solar, wind, and fuel cell energy harnessing technologies. Includes a wind turbine with multiple blade designs, reversible fuel cell module, 1-watt solar cell, and a battery pack. Combine this kit with the Voltage / Current Meter to measure the output of the power sources. *Must be used with Pasco sensors.

Borrowing items is available to STEM Pre-Academy participating teachers. For more information, please contact us!