Watershed Tour Kit (Non-Digital)


1 LaMotte WaterShed Tour Box 1 LaMotte Supply Bag (Consumables) 1 LaMotte Low Cost Water Monitoring Booklet 1 Hand On Test Kit Currculum Binder 1 Thermometer 1 String 1 Hydrometer 1 Turbidimeter - Carolina

Use this kit to collect water quality data without sensors. This kit includes reagent tablets and vials to measure nitrates, chloride, dissolved oxygen, and pH of a liquid. Combine with high-tech Vernier or PASCO sensors for a great lesson comparing the different types of technology used to gather data. Also included Carolina 120 cm Turbidity Tube, Standard Red-Alcohol Thermometers, and an Ocean Hydrometer to measure the specific gravity and salinity of water (ppt).

Borrowing items is available to STEM Pre-Academy participating teachers. For more information, please contact us!