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All of the tools on these pages are available to borrow for a few days, a few weeks, or as required to implement your project. If you're not sure how these tools can be used in your class, let us know--we would be happy to help you develop a project or lesson. Also, ask your peers! Post a leaf and get a feel for how our other members have used these tools.

Please note that mobile devices may require a special request form for a pilot project. Please inquire.

Use this 3D printer to bring computer designed 3D models to life! Prints standard .stl files. Requires software installation onto a computer. Uses ABS filament (PLA can be requested if necessary).

The MP560 Pixma Inkjet Printer is an additional (optional) accessory to be used to print out generated net shapes made by using Fablab ModelMaker 3D software.

Fablab ModelMaker software is used to render 3D shapes. The output initially shows the net of the shapes which can be printed then cut out using a printer and cutter. Each shape created includes additional information such as description, formulas (volume, surface area), parameter, etc that can be used as reference. This allow students to learn more about each shape as well as check their work when working with variables and ratios.

MakeyMakey is a small circuit board you connect to your computer through a USB cable. The computer thinks that the circuit board is the actual keyboard. With alligator clips, you can attach various conductive objects to the circuit board to design your own keyboard! Normally computer games and musical instruments are played using the standard keyboard. But imagine the possibilities now that you can design how you want your computer game controller or musical instrument to look like! Great for experiencing the engineering design process, learning about conductive and insulating materials, and a basic introduction to circuits.

Used at Kanuikapono PCS where students learned about electronics, circuits, conductive materials and insulative materials. The students used the... Read More

The Silhouette Cutter is an additional (optional) accessory to be used to cut, score, and perforate generated net shapes made by with Fablab ModelMaker 3D software.