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Grade Subject Uses
Electromagnetic Spectrum and Space Exploration
Jennifer Kuwahara, Mililani Middle

Identifying the composition of stars using the spectralines of their light.

8 Science, Space Science, Physics, Earth Science
Planet Destination
Faith Medley, Iao Intermediate

The students will be learning specific characteristics about planets through research. They must then take that information and develop a vacation package to the planet and will present it in the form of a power point presentation to the class. Students must include all research information and present it as a sales promotion.

8 Science, Space Science, Earth Science
Planet Tours - Ozobots
Trisha Fujimoto, Ilima Intermediate

You and your group will be creating a tour of your planet travel destination. You will include 2 things: the writing portion of the tour and a map of the tour. An Ozobot will be used to take the guests on a “virtual tour” in which you will be coding. Ozobot must perform an action at every stop. You must practice timing your tour.

6, 7, 8 Geometry, Space Science, Language Arts, Technology, Coding, Robotics
Solar System Project
Gayle Anbe, Ilima Intermediate

Solar system project with worksheets and rubric.

8 Science, Earth Science, Space Science