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Grade Subject Uses
GMO Soybean Experiment
Randall Shinn, Ilima Intermediate

GMO Soybean Experiment.

7, 8 Science, Life Science, Biology
Generating and Measuring Earthquake Epicenters and Magnitudes
Thomas Lee, Wahiawa Middle

Students learn how to map earthquakes using geophones and sensitive recording instruments.

8 Science, Math, Earth Science, Physics
Geometry Jeopardy
Minna Chanhboury, Kalakaua Middle

Geometry Jeopardy Game.

7 Math, Geometry
Hawaii's Endemic Birds: Keauhou Bird Conservation Center (KBCC) Discovery Forest Bundle
Melany Chapin, Keaau Middle

This presentation provides information on native and non native species in Hawai‘i. The effects of introduced organisms on endemic forsts is covered. There are student prompts that accompany the presentation.

6, 7, 8 Science, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Life Science
Heavy Metal Testing
Amber, University of Hawaii

Lead ISE tutorials using PASCO sensors.

6, 7, 8 Science
Hovercraft Challenge
Randall Shinn, Ewa Makai Middle

A nice engineering challenge for students to construct a hovercraft with household items and includes rubrics to assess student performance for each of the NGSS standards.

6, 7, 8 Engineering, Engineering Design
Humidity Tutorial
James Ah Heong Jr, University of Hawaii

Humidity tutorial with step-by-step instructions and videos for working with PASCO sensors.

6, 7, 8 Science, Environmental Science
Ilima Water Quality Challenge
Randall Shinn, Ilima Intermediate

Description of lesson for water quality including day by day plans.

7 Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science
Interdisciplinary Graphing
Holly Lee, Iao Intermediate

Instructions how to create a Pie chart online.

6, 7, 8 Math, Geometry
Introduction to DNA
Raedelle Van Foessen, Kawananakoa Middle

How to make a DNA model.

6, 7, 8 Science, Life Science, Biology
Kaneohe Watershed Study
Lorie Javier, King Intermediate

Lesson plan for Kaneohe Watershed Water quality study.

6, 7, 8 Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Earth Science
King Intermediate - Sustainability Initiative
Lorie Javier, King Intermediate

Sustainability Workshop.

8 Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science
Kukui Nut Oil Lab
Atkins, Unknown

Properties of Matter - A Closer Look into the Importance of Kukui Nut Oil.

6, 7, 8 Science, Social Studies, Earth Science, Environemental Science, Agriculture
Making with MakeyMakey
Debra Gochros, Kanuikapono PCS

Lesson for using the MakeyMakey to introduce Engineering Design Process.

7, 8 Engineering, Engineering Design, Technology, Electronics, Coding
Measuring Electricity with a Watts Up Meter
Susan Dougherty, Aliamanu Middle

With an appliance on and off, students measure the percent change of energy usage in kilowatts with an electricity meter.

6, 7, 8 Science, Math, Technology, Physics
Mixtures Lab
Michele Weinhouse, Lanai High and Elementary

A series of lab investigations for students to discover and separate mixtures.

6 Science, Chemistry
Molokai Ecology Unit
Jennifer Ainoa, Molokai Middle

Ecology Unity with tree classification.

7 Science, Life Science, Environmental Science
Ozobot Challenge
Audrey Shiotsu, Jarrett Middle

Mrs. Shiotsu has issued a challenge to the 7 th grade EDP class to create a path for the Ozobots to travel. The Ozobots should use at least 5 different types of modes as they travel on the path designed by each group. The distance traveled must be at least two meters. The Ozobots must stay on the paper and should not be placed on any unclean area.

6, 7, 8 Geometry, Technology, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Design
Papaya DNA Extraction
Lori Hashimoto, STEM Pre-Academy

Protocol for prepping and student instructions for extracting DNA from papaya seeds.

7 Science, Life Science, Biology
Photosynthesis Unit
Melany Chapin, Keaau Middle

This collection of lessons is part of a larger unit focused on Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems. Students are introduced to photosynthesis through a phenomena, demonstrations and investigations. Students are provided opportunities to deepen understanding through five lessons culminating with the “Great CO2 Race” investigation and an engineering challenge. Several extensions and differentiated learning opportunities are also provided.

The lessons were developed for 70 minute classes.

Science - 7th grade
Math - 7th and 8th grade

7, 8 Science, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Life Science, Agriculture