Visual Storytelling: Video Sequencing and Editing - Workshop Information

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Visual Storytelling: Video Sequencing and Editing - Workshop Information

It's Time for Video!

The first two workshops in our Visual Storytelling series have been a great experience--both for us and the participants!  Visual Storytelling: Video Sequencing and Editing is the third and culminating event that brings all the pieces together and gets you started developing the skills needed to bring video production into the classroom.

Visual storytelling is a form of communication that is a fundamental 21st century skill.  In this workshop, using skills and concepts from Basic Shots and Composition, Angle, and Position, you will make the leap to video!  The same concepts apply, but now everything's moving around!  :)

Familiarity with the parts I and II is helpful, but not necessary--we'll give you all the information you need to get started shooting and editing video using STEM Pre-Academy's Documentary iPad Video Kits.  Learn how a scene breaks down into a sequence into individual shots, and then learn how to make it happen with easy-to-use tools. The workshop's two activities will provide participants with plenty of hands on practice time.

Saturday, June 25, 2016
8:00am – 2:00pm
STEM Pre-Academy, Manoa Innovation Center (Ideation Room)
Presented by the STEM Pre-Academy Fellows
Josiah Endo, Kerstye Kau, Amber Maeshiro-Moreira, Brandon Rojo
(Graduates of Wai‘anae High School's Searider Productions)
and John Allen III
(Wai‘anae Community Redevelopment Corporation)
Equipment and computers will be provided!

Have questions?  Contact us:

Cheryl Sato Ishii
STEM Pre-Academy