Big Project Discussion and Review

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Big Project Discussion and Review

This is the main discussion thread for the Big Project!  Here's the place to post your video links, ask questions, offer comments, and keep in touch with the digital media team and your workshop participant colleagues!

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Big Project Idea

I'm planning on having my students make a short video about our year long science project and I was thinking of putting together a little trailer with a few of the teachers to show them what the video could look like. I was also thinking about just doing a simple informational video about how to make a video to teach them how to make their trailers. But I also have been feeling lately like I don't like those ideas and want to think of something else. 

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Big Project

Hi,  Since we have had a date change for our class, I was thinking that it would give me enough time to do a different video.  I am taking my class to Koke'e State Park on Kauai April 15-18.  Part of that includes going to Lima Huli National Botanical Grarden to help them rebuild since they are still closed due to all the damage they received in the last hurricane.  I want our school and others to see what my students do on Kauai.  So Possible pitch   Lokelani SC rebuilds Koke'e and Lima Huli National Botanical Garden.  STEM Team, what are your thoughts on this?

Mahalo for your feedback.

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So sorry about this being so late. I hope you did decided to make the change in your video. I think this video would need to be followed up with other videos in the future about other things that your students do on kauai. But I think this video would be a great way to show others what your class is all about.

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free music downloads

Hi Team, I'm looking for free Hawaiian music I can download.  Any suggestions?



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Session 3

Something happened and I lost the live feed.  I cannot log back into the live session.  Trying to see if it is on my end.