HiSCI Electrophoresis Kit for Classrooms

The JABSOM HiSCI program has a Edvotek Dual DNA Electrophoresis LabStation for classroom use. 

Seamless, injection-molded horizontal agarose electrophoresis units allow more than one lab group to run gels simultaneously.

Manufacturer: Edvotek 5063

Station, Electrophoresis Lab; Two M12 Electrophoresis Apparatus; One EVT 300 Dual Power Source; Two variable micropipets; Seamless units allow more than one lab group to run gels simultaneously


  • Two M12 Electrophoresis Apparatus (S11502) with one 7 x 14cm (2.7 x 5.5 in.) gel tray
  • One EVT 300 Dual-Power Source (75/150V, for one or two units [S11509E])
  • Two variable micropipets, 5 to 50µL (S90243D)

At this time we can not offer the consumables used in the operation of the machine, but we reccommend the following:

Similar kits are available from other vendors, but be sure to use something that doesn't require or contain ethidium bromide.  

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