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I am going to do a challenge with cars this quarter (gonna try to get those remotes). Cheryl is dropping by some things and I asked if she could bring a couple sets of those different geared cars by. However, I did not see them on the toolkit. Would you mind getting them together and passing them on to her so she can drop them off when she drops off some paperwork?
Also, it may be helpful if you put a "search" in the toolkit for teachers because as you get more items it is hard to find. Mahalo for all your support! Keep your fingers crossed on the remotes.

Nov 13 2019 - 8:18am
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Aloha Paige,

The gear car set is ready to go. Davin will be dropping it by today when he brings the forms to your school.

Thanks for letting us know the gear car do not show in the toolkit for teachers menu and the search bar recommendation, we will look into it.

I hope you get the remotes soon. We are looking forward to seeing how they work.


Nov 13 2019 - 11:37am