Enviro Battery Kit

Borrowing items is available to STEM Pre-Academy participating teachers. For more information, please contact us!

(We have 5 of these available, but because of demand and scheduling, all may not be available at once.)

Solar, wind, wave, and other sources of energy fluctuate throughout the day. Bioenergy can be a solution to this problem. With this kit, explore how energy from fruits, vegetables, water, and even mud can produce electricity to light a LED light bulb, power a clock and sound a buzzer!

  • 4 Zinc Plates
  • 4 Copper Plates
  • 4 Connection Wires
  • 2 Plastic Cups
  • 1 Paper Cup
  • 2 Bottle Screw Caps
  • 1 Light Tower with LED Lamp
  • 1 Sound Chip
  • 1 LCD Watch Moment with Protective Cover
  • 1 Set Transparent Adhesive Tapes
  • 1 Set Experiment Instruction Guide with Experiment Record Sheet and Fun Facts