EDP Lesson – Natural Disasters – Hurricanes

When a hurricane occurs, many buildings are not structurally sound and get destroyed.

Students will design and build a 14 inch structure that is at least 8 inches off the ground using 20 popsicle sticks, 2 chenille stems 1 sheet of construction paper, 2 sides of a cereal box, and 48 inches of masking tape that can withstand a simulated hurricane (a large foil pan filled with water with a fan on high speed) for 20 seconds, as many countries do not have hurricane proof buildings, so when a hurricane hits, buildings are destroyed and lives are lost. Students will have two days to build the structure.

They will then test the strength of their tower that can best withstand a simulated hurricane. Some countries have high poverty rates and high mortality rates. They also lack human needs, like no or limited access to water, shelter and food. They build structures as cheaply as possible, so when a hurricane hits, the structure falls.


CONTRIBUTOR: Wendy Guro, Marilou Gorai, Sheri Kekina
ORGANIZATION: He‘eia Elementary School

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TOPICS:  Engineering Design
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