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These free resources have been collected from a variety of sources including STEM Pre-Academy staff, Hawai‘i middle school teachers, the Hawai‘i State Department of Education, among others. Additionally, many of these document resources have associated toolkit items available, please click here to visit the Toolkits for Teachers page for more information.

  ABC Math Book
Create and design a math-themed ABC vocabulary book.
  Action-Reaction Engineering Design
Gain background information for a Rube Goldberg style engineering design challenge.
  Aquaponics Lesson
Follow a simple protocol to facilitate a multi-day aquaponics activity.
  Chemistry: pH, Endothermic and Exothermic Processes
Use videos and sensors to explore chemistry concepts.
  Cloning Webquest
Learn the basics of cloning, including processes, myths, risks and more.
  Design a Game Using Makey Makey and Scratch
Use the engineering design process to create a game with Makey Makey and Scratch.
  Dew Point Experiment
Use sensors to collect data for Dew Point temperatures in different environments.
  DNA Connection
Engage with detective-style games teach basic DNA concepts.
  DNA Modeling, Structures, and Functions
Construct a model of DNA, identify structures, and describe functions.
  DNA Structure Lab
Uncrack the code of DNA with a hands-on lab and build a DNA molecule with beads.
  Earth Week and Beyond: Earth Science Lesson Collection
In-depth collection of lessons and resources for Earth Week topics.
  Egg Drop The Sunny Side-Up Landing Mission
Use the Engineering Design Process to design an Egg Drop to simulate a Mars landing.
  Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Chemical Composition of Stars
Learn how to identify the chemical composition of stars using the spectralines of their light.
  Energy and Sustainability at Home
Consider how energy is used at home and life-long changes that can help future generations.
  Engineer a Bird Beak: Our Endemic Hawaiian Birds
Use the Engineering Design Process to design an endemic bird beak model.
  Engineering Design Process – Video Game Controller Design
Use Engineering Design Process to design an ergonomic video game controller.
  Everyday Energy Consumption
Investigate the reality of energy consumption and cost of everyday items.
  FabLab and Silhouette: Exploring Math and Cylindrical Design
This in-depth lesson includes multimedia resources to create a cylindrical design in FabLab.
  FabLab and Silhouette: Step-By-Step Instructions for Advanced Print and Cut
Step-by-step instructions to "Print and Cut" a FabLab Model Maker design on Silhouette Cutter.
  FabLab and Silhouette: Step-By-Step Instructions for Basic Cutting
Step-by-step instructions for cutting a FabLab Model Maker design using a Silhouette Cutter.
  FabLab Lesson Collection: Using Math to Design Packaging and Structures
This lesson collection explores math concepts by using FabLab to design packaging and structures.
  FabLab Lesson Collection: Using Math to Explore Surface Area, Volume, and Geometry
This in-depth math lesson collection uses FabLab to explore surface area, volume, and geometry.
  Generating and Measuring Earthquake Epicenters and Magnitudes
Learn how to map earthquakes using geophones and sensitive recording instruments.
  Geometry Jeopardy: Review Polygons, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals
Engage in a Jeopardy style game to review 2D geometry concepts.
  Geometry with FabLab Model Maker
Use FabLab to review geometry concepts for perimeter, area, surface area, and volume.
  GMO Soybean Experiment
This in-depth unit uses soybeans to explore issues related to GMO agriculture practices.
  Hawaii’s Endemic Birds: Keauhou Bird Conservation Center (KBCC) Discovery Forest Bundle
This in-depth lesson collection helps students learn about Hawaii’s endemic birds.
  Heavy Metal Testing Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions for testing Lead ISE using PASCO sensors.
  Hovercraft Engineering Design Challenge
Use the engineering design process to design a hovercraft out of everyday items.
  How Does Temperature Affect Respiration Rates of Fish?
Investigate the effect of temperature on fish respiration rate, collect and analyze data.
  How To Create a Pie Chart
Create pie chart graphs using a simple online tool with this fun M&M sorting activity.
  Humidity Testing Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions for testing humidity using PASCO sensors.
  Hydroponics for Social Studies – Multidisciplinary Research and Activities with Autumn Pemble
Driving Question: How can hydroponics benefit our community? Students will independently conduct research, utilizing at least three sources to answer the driving question. Students will show understanding of the research process by creating supporting questions while synthesizing information from reliable sources. Students will complete a research chart, requiring them to paraphrase or quote factual information. They will also complete a ROAR chart to ensure that they use credible sources. Students will choose an activity to show their learning.
  Introduction to Ecology Unit
In-depth unit introduces ecology concepts using diverse activities and assessments.
  Kukui Nut Oil and Modern Fuel Sources Lab
Explore ancient Polynesian use of kukui nut oil and compare with modern fuel sources.
  Ozobot Engineering Design Challenge
Use the engineering design process to design a path for an Ozobot to travel.
  Papaya DNA Extraction
Step-by-step instructions for extracting DNA from papayas.
  Photosynthesis Unit
In-depth photosynthesis lesson collection with investigations and engineering challenge.
  Ping Pong Bowling Engineering Design Challenge
Design a ball thruster for a ping pong bowling game and collect design performance data.
  Planet Tour Research and Design Project
Create a tour of a planet with map, script, and code an Ozobot tour guide.
  Planetary Vacation: Multimedia Research Presentation Project
Research planet characteristics and create a planetary vacation destination presentation.
  Separations of Mixtures Lab
In-depth lesson uses eight activity stations to explore how to separate and test mixtures.
  Solar Car Multidisciplinary Lesson Collection
In-depth lesson collection to facilitate a multidisciplinary solar car unit.
  Solar System Introduction and Research Project
Research a planet and develop a multimedia presentation to persuade people to live there.
  Strawberry DNA Extraction Experiment
Investigate how physical properties of strawberry DNA relate to the structure of DNA molecules.
  Student Created Lab Safety Video Activity
Plan, film, and edit a video that teaches lab safety.
  Sustainability Initiative – School Level Report
Get inspired with King Intermediate's sustainability goals, lesson development, & impacts.
  Tsunamis and Water Quality
Develop and carry out an experiment to determine the impact of a tsunami on water quality.
  Vernier LabQuest Tutorial
Step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Vernier LabQuest to collect data.
  Voicethread Projects
  Water Filtration Tutorial and Guide
This step-by-step tutorial explains how to use the water filtration system.
  Water Quality Challenge
Explore local water quality using backpack filtration units to test for contaminants.
  Water Quality Project – School Level Report
Get inspired with Dole Middle's water quality project at Kawainui Marsh.
  Water Quality Unit Plan
Explore water quality through driving question, discussion, investigation, & assessment.
  Watercraft Engineering Design Challenge
Design a boat that can hold the most pennies for at least 10 seconds before sinking.
  Watershed Engineering Design Challenge
Use the engineering design process to explore: To what extent can precipitation be effectively diverted?
  Watershed Water Quality Investigation
Investigate watershed water quality by comparing samples of drinking water and local stream.
  Watts Up?: Percentage Change of Appliance Electricity
Use an electricity meter to measure energy usage and calculate percentage change.