Ocean Acidification Research with Dr. Chris Sabine, SOEST, UHM

Climate change and ocean acidification profoundly affect our marine environment in the Hawaiian Islands. A comprehensive approach is required to identify and mitigate these environmental threats and the School of Ocean and Earth and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is actively researching solutions to meet these challenges.

Meet Dr. Sabine, University of Hawai‘i professor in the School of Oceanography. His solution-focused research examines factors that lead to ocean acidification. In the videos below, Dr. Sabine, along with his graduate research team, share their research process, and provide steps we can all take to help keep our oceans healthy and vibrant.

To read more, visit https://stempreacademy.hawaii.edu/research-spotlight-dr-sabine-soest-uhm/


CONTRIBUTOR: Dr. Chris Sabine
ORGANIZATION: University of Hawai‘i, School of Oceanography

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