Ozobot Classroom Kit

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The Ozobot Bit is the 1st generation robot from Ozobot. Ozobots are a great way to engage students and bring robotics and coding into the classroom. Ozobot robots are codable two ways, 1) “screen free” using colored markers to draw commands on paper (washable markers or Sharpies work well) or 2) program using Ozoblockly coding app (similar to Code Studio or Scratch). Ozobots are great tools for integrating math and science content, and even art, social studies, and ELA! The Ozobot Bit Classroom kit includes 18 robots and 18 sets of colored markers and code sheets to support up to 25-30 students. Check out the Ozobot online community for ideas and lessons to engage your students! iPads with Ozobot apps are available upon request for implementation with Ozoblockly coding.