Harvest Time! An Interdisciplinary Activity with Jacquelyn Skaf’s English Learner Students

As part of the GEER-funded STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research (STEAMER) Network project, students from Jacquelyn Skaf’s English Learner class at Washington Middle School dove into the exciting world of hydroponics and food sustainability.

The student’s created detailed drawings of their classroom portable hydroponics production system showing the major components of the setup. These drawings included an inventory of the different edible plants they would be cultivating during the semester.

By setting up the system and controlling the lighting with timers and a pulley system, the students could optimize the germination and growth environment for their plants.

As they leafy greens grew, the students explored how the plants were used in cultures to make different nutritious dishes. Students learned that their Mānoa lettuce could be used in Korean carrot salad, Japanese sushi roles, and even fish soup from Majuro!

The activity culminated with a Harvest Time session, with all the students getting the chance to pick their own hydroponically grown greens and create a salad to be shared with all!

Published: 2022