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Borrowing items is available to STEM Pre-Academy participating teachers. For more information, please contact us!

Apple iPad Air, 32GB

A tablet with WiFi, Bluetooth and Camera capabilities. These iPads are perfect for online research, robotics, and data collection with Pasco sensors. All iPads come pre-loaded with Sphero and Ozobot apps, as well as the data collection apps necessary for all Pasco sensors. Need a specific app downloaded? Please let…

Canon DSLR Camera T2i

Capture activities and learning through video or photos with this DSLR camera. Useful for recording student projects or teacher demonstrations. SD card included. Tripod, external microphones, and additional media equipment available upon request.

Coral Bleaching Kit

Developed by the Coral Resilience Lab at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology, this activity seeks to bring a tangible visualization of coral bleaching and will give students a better understanding of how ocean warming events and other stressors affect the health of corals, and that of those which do…

Digital Multimeter

The Digital Multimeters measure electricity, primarily as current, voltage, or resistance. Students can measure the output of batteries, solar panels, or other generators, or troubleshoot electronic devices.

Eisco Force Table

Are you looking for a hands-on demonstration of Newton’s First Law? The Eisco Force Table uses a series of pulleys and weights to help demonstrate how multiple forces acting in different directions affect the movement of an object.

Extech Flat pH Electrode for Solids

Measure the pH of solids like soils, gels, food, and more.

Extech Infrared Temperature Gun

Measure surface temperatures with this infrared thermometer. Includes a built-in laser pointer, adjustable high alarm, two AAA batteries, soft case, and a wrist wrap.

FabLab ModelMaker 3D Modeling

Fablab ModelMaker software is used to render 3D shapes. The output initially shows the net of the shapes which can be printed on paper and cut out using a paper cutting machine (also available for loan). Each shape created includes additional information such as description, formulas (volume, surface area), parameters,…

Gear Car Kit

Gear Car Kit

Explore the basics of gears with the Gear Car kit. The cars come in sets with two different gear ratios that allow students to investigate the effect of gear ratio on the car’s performance (speed and power). This tool comes with curricula that includes a powerpoint, a video link, and…

HyperDuino – Basic Starter Kit

HyperDuino is an incredible concept that was created by Roger Wagner (writer of the original Apple II documentation!). HyperDuino kits allow users in any skill range to build physical, interactive projects in no time at all using an Arduino and the HyperDuino board. Beginners might make an interactive display that…

HyperDuino – Mini-Makerspace Class Parts Set

The HyperDuino Mini-Makerspace Class Parts Set contains everything you need to bring the HyperDuino Basic Starter Kits to a whole classroom full of students. Here are some links to HyperDuino documentation provided by the designer: HyperDuino Examples & Resources HyperDuino National Parks Example Project Motor and Servo Accessories HyperDuino v2…

HyperDuino – Motor and Servo Set

The HyperDuino Motor and Servo Set adds the element of controlled movement to your projects. Flip a switch, drive a car, raise a flag–anything! Here are some links to HyperDuino documentation provided by the designer: HyperDuino Examples & Resources HyperDuino National Parks Example Project Motor and Servo Accessories HyperDuino v2…

Indoor Hydroponic Kit

Introduce your students to hydroponics with this small indoor system. Comes with a 6″H x 16″W x 24″L container that holds 6 individual planters, air pump with tubing, water level indicator, adjustable height grow light stand, and four 2′ T5 lights. Note: O‘ahu pickup only!

Kill-A-Watt Power Meter

The Kill-A-Watt power meter measures and records appliance power consumption and calculates power cost based on local power companies’ price per kilowatt. Students can investigate “standby power”, and explore the energy consumed by appliances even when they are turned off.

littleBits STEAM Student Set

littleBits are just what they sound like! Little bits of technology that can be magnetically attached together to make just about any electronics-based maker project. The STEAM Student Set includes all the bits to occupy 3 students, or 6+ if grouped. The set contains 19 Bits and 45 Accessories, 8…

MakerBot Replicator Mini+ Compact 3D printer

MakerBot has long been a top choice for 3D printing in the classroom. The Mini+ is compact and very quick and easy to set up. It includes a built-in camera that allows users to monitor longer print jobs through the MakerBot mobile app. If you are just getting started with…

MakeyMakey Designer Kit

MakeyMakey is a small circuit board that is connected to a computer via USB cable. The computer thinks that the circuit board is the actual keyboard! With alligator clips, students can attach various conductive objects to the circuit boards to design their own keyboards! Normally, computer games and musical instruments…

Ozobot Classroom Kit

The Ozobot Bit is the 1st generation robot from Ozobot. Ozobots are a great way to engage students and bring robotics and coding into the classroom. Ozobot robots are codable two ways, 1) “screen free” using colored markers to draw commands on paper (washable markers or Sharpies work well) or…

Pasco 550 Universal Interface

The 550 Universal Interface has two sensor ports plus an analog control interface with built-in temperature and voltage sensors with probes and USB or Bluetooth connection. Can be used with iPads, laptops, Chromebooks or Android tablets. Recommended for use with the Pasco Newton’s Laws kit.

Pasco Advanced Water Quality Sensor

The Advanced Water Quality Sensor allows students to measure multiple water parameters individually or simultaneously. Parameters include pH, temperature, conductivity (salinity), pressure and dissolved oxygen. A great addition for field trips or for use with water filtration kits!

Pasco CO2 Sensor

Measure the concentration of carbon dioxide for experiments in respiration, photosynthesis, chemical reactions, air quality and more. Great for use alone or with other sensors via the Pasco EcoZone System!

Pasco EcoZone System

The EcoZone System was designed to help students understand the interactions within different ecosystems. The three clear acrylic Eco Chambers are rugged and easy to set up and clean and they are designed to accommodate Pasco sensors to allow quantitative measurement of a wide range of real-time environmental parameters.

Pasco Flow Rate and Water Temperature Sensor

Measure the volumetric flow rate and temperature of aquatic and marine field sites using a 3 to 7-foot telescoping rod. Great for field activities and measuring variation along different locations and depths of a stream or intertidal zone.

Pasco Force Sensor

Measure up to 50 Newtons (11.2 lb-force) of force in the direction of this sensor. Applications include force measurement during collisions, force of a pendulum, and force exerted by an oscillating object.

Pasco Goniometer Sensor

Attach the Goniometer to your arm or leg to measure angular position, velocity, and acceleration. Combine it with the Force Sensor to measure the power required to lift an object.

Pasco GPS Position Sensor

Just like the GPS on a smartphone, this Global Position Sensor collects data from satellites orbiting the planet to provide the user’s latitude, longitude, altitude, and velocity. Great for collecting metadata on field trips!

Pasco Humidity/Temp/Dew PT Sensor

The Pasco Humidity/Temp/Dew PT sensor allows the student to measure the the air water content, temperature and Dew point in real time.

Pasco Infrared (IR) Light Sensor

The Pasco PS-2148 Infrared Sensor measures light wavelengths from 580 to 40,000 nanometers.

Pasco Light Level Sensor

This sensor mimics the wavelength sensitivity of our eyes and measures illuminance in lux.

Pasco Light Spectrometer

The Pasco Wireless Spectrometer is a sensor used for introductory spectroscopy experiments. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity allow use with tablets or computers. With this instrument, students can measure intensity, absorbance, transmittance and fluorescence. Includes 10 plastic cuvettes and lids, perfect for study solution and color changing chemical reactions. The…

Pasco Magnetic Field Sensor

The Magnetic Field Sensor helps quantify the invisible concept of Magnetism. It can be used to study permanent magnets or electromagnets

Pasco Middle School Earth Science Teacher Guide

Check out this book for ideas on how to incorporate sensor technology to enhance earth science lessons. Comes with teacher guides, student handouts, and editable digital files to tweak for your activity.

Pasco Middle School Life Science Teacher Guide

Check out this book for ideas on how to incorporate sensor technology to enhance life science lessons. Comes with teacher guides, student handouts, and editable digital files to tweak for your activity.

Pasco Middle School Physical Science Teacher Guide

Check out this book for ideas on how to incorporate Pasco sensor technology to enhance physical science lessons. Comes with teacher guides, student handouts, and editable digital files to tweak for your activity.

Pasco Motion Sensor

Use this sensor to measure the motion of an object, a dynamics cart or a person as close as 15 centimeters. This sensor works great for physical science activities and math. Use the motion sensor in combination with the Matchgraph iPad app to interactively interpret graphs. (iPad with pre-loaded Matchgraph…

Pasco Newton’s Laws Experiment

Experiment with various hands-on activities to teach Newton’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Laws of Motion. Kit includes force & motion sensors, friction accessory, weights, pulleys, etc. and an experiment manual. Note: O‘ahu pickup only!

Pasco Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Use this dissolved oxygen sensor for water quality, photosynthesis, respiration and other experiments in aqueous solutions.

Pasco ORP Probe

The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) probe works with the POIT sensor to allow students to measure these parameters in aqueous solutions.

Pasco Oxygen Gas Sensor

The Oxygen gas sensor allows the student to measure the concentration of Oxygen in the air.

Pasco pH/Temperature/Oxidizing Reduction Potential Sensor (POIT)

Pasco PS-2147 Precision pH and Temperature plus ORP/ISE Amplifier sensor measure pH and temperature with the provided probe and with additional probes can measure oxidation reduction potential or ion concentrations in aqueous solutions.

Pasco Quad Temperature Sensor

Use this Quad Temperature Sensor to collect 4 different temperature measurements at the same time. Great for experiments with heat transfer and other cause and effect activities.

Pasco Salinity Sensor

The PS-2195 Salinity Sensor calculates the concentration of salt in water by measuring the conductivity and temperature of the solution.

Pasco Soil Moisture Sensor

Measure the percentage of water in soil for environmental science, agricultural, earth science, and many other experiments. Great for use in the field, or even in your school courtyard!

Pasco Spectral Tubes with Power Supply

This system is easy to use and includes a variety of safety features that make it suitable for beginning labs. Mount any of the 8 different spectral tubes into the power supply and turn it on. The 26 cm long tubes are capillary-thin over the middle 10 cm, providing sharp,…

Pasco Turbidity Sensor

The Pasco Turbidity Sensor measures the particles suspended in aqueous solutions in NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit). The sensor can also measure precipitation or settling of suspended particles in a solution. Great for field studies or use with water filtration kits.

Pasco UVA Light Sensor

The Pasco PS-2149 Ultraviolet Light Sensor measure the UVA band (315 – 400 nanometers) and the visible spectrum.

Pasco Voltage and Current Meter

Simultaneously measure the voltage, current, and power of a circuit. For safety, the sensor will automatically beep and shut down if the current is too high, and will reset automatically when the overload is removed.

Pasco Weather/Anemometer Sensor

The weather / anemometer sensor allows to measure multiple atmospheric parameters such as wind speed, air temperature, and humidity at a certain point.

Pitsco Structure Testing Machine

With the PITSCO Structure testing machine students are capable to up to 800 pounds of force to structures including balsa wood or basswood towers and bridges using a turn-force wheel. Students can apply pressure in small increments and stop applying pressure at the first sign of structural damage–so they don’t…

PocketLab G-Force 5-Pack

The PocketLab G-Force sensor is a force and motion sensor on wheels. Measures velocity (speedometer), position (odometer), G-force (accelerometer), acceleration (accelerometer), rotation (gyroscope), and direction (magnetometer).

Powershot A495 Camera

Use this 10 MP digital camera with 3.3x optical zoom to capture student work to include in their reports and presentations. SD card included.

Quantum PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) Meter

Measure the light intensity in the Photosynthetically Active Radiation light spectrum from 400 to 700 nanometers. This is the spectrum most plants use to photosynthesize (excluding UV light). Use this sensor to design & plan or troubleshoot your indoor and outdoor plant / aquatic systems. You can even combine this…

Seed Saving Classroom Kit

Developed by Tyler Levine and STEM Pre-Academy the Seed Saving Classroom kit includes the materials to collect, clean, dry, and store your seeds. While this kit and the associated activities are geared towards tomatoes, there is much flexibility in what you can do! The Seed Saving Classroom Kit can help…

Silhouette Cutter SD

The Silhouette Cutter is an additional (optional) accessory that cuts paper, vinyl, and other thin material. It has its own free software, Silhouette Studio, which can be used to design anything imaginable. It also works with Fablab ModelMaker 3D software to cut paper shape nets that can be manually folded…

Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Kit

The Snap Circuit Green Alternative Energy Kit demonstrates the generation process of renewable energy. Students can assemble and experiment with simple, interchangeable components that snap into place on a grid platform.

Snap Circuits Jr Kit

Snap Circuits Jr is ideal kit for students to understanding the fundamentals of electricity. The kit allows students to explore circuits with pieces that easily “snap” into place on a grid platform. Teachers can design challenges that allow students to design solutions using engineering design process. We also have supplemental…

Snap Circuits Motion Detector Kit

Snap Circuits Motion Detector Kit is ideal for students to learn motion detecting in 6 different circuit projects (included): – Siren Motion Detector – Alarm Motion Detector – Police Car – Fire Engine – Machine Gun – European Siren

Solar Panel

Explore the basics of solar power with the Junior Solar Sprint Solar Panel. Students investigate the energy produced by solar panels in response to light level (or angle of the sun). This tool is designed to be used with our multimeter and comes with curriculum that can be used as…

Sphero SPRK+ Power pack

This is our little round friend, Sphero. Sphero is a robot that students can program to complete tasks, travel around to exotic locations, and even play games. Sphero is controlled from a smartphone / tablet app that unleashes a whole bunch of robotic possibilities. Students can control Sphero using block…

Strawberry DNA Extraction Kit

DNA is a very abstract concept that can be difficult to grasp. With this DNA kit, extract “chunks” of DNA from strawberries and papaya that students can actually see. Students will learn about cell walls and cell membranes breaking down these walls and membranes are essential to the extraction process.…

Tech Light Lab

Are you looking for a fun and educational way to teach your students about reflection, refraction, and color? The Tech Light Lab Kit is safe and easy to use, allowing your students to explore the fascinating world of light and color in a fun and engaging way. The kit includes…

Test Tube Rack with 10 Test Tubes

Looking for an educational tool that can help students learn about science in a fun and interactive way? Look no further than our test tube and rack set! Its sturdy construction and collapsible design makes this set perfect for classroom use and other educational activities.

Vertical Wind Turbine Kit

Are you looking for a hands-on EDP Challenge for your students? University of Hawai‘i engineering students designed and built the vertical wind turbine generator to help teachers learn and teach the Engineering Design Process (EDP). The vertical wind turbine activity challenges students to design and manufacture blades to transform wind…

Watershed Tour Kit (Non-Digital)

Use this kit to collect water quality data without sensors. This kit includes reagent tablets and vials to measure nitrates, chloride, dissolved oxygen, and pH of a liquid. Combine with high-tech Vernier or Pasco sensors for a great lesson comparing the different types of technology used to gather data. Also…

Watts Up Power Meter

The Watts Up power meter measures the power consumption of any device over a period of time. The data can be accessed from the device in real-time over web. Data can be exported in a spreadsheet format. Answer questions like “How much power does your TV use when it’s on?…

Wave Tank

Wave Tank

1st Generation Wave Tank designed by and fabricated by a former UHM mechanical engineeer student in colaboration with middle school teachers. The tank can be use to demonstrate absorbed waves, standing wave, changes in frequency and wavelength(1-D wave equation), wave particles, Single slot wave propagation, double slot wave propagation and…