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Next Session - July 15, 2019 - 8:30 am to 10:30 am!

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You're Invited to Tell Your Story...

Each of the 10+ workshops we’ve given on Visual Storytelling with digital media have focused on a particular aspect of the overall process.  Basic Shots gave us the foundational vocabulary for framing our photos and videos; Composition, Angles, and Position (CAPS) extended that thinking into new dimensions; and Lightning in a Bottle looked at the creative and collaborative process behind telling magical stories with still and moving images.

Visual Storytelling - Introduction to Video Presentations will let each participant involve themselves directly in process of creating something amazing. In this case, the amazing something will be a video project that can be used in your classroom or school to enhance teaching and learning. Participants will come up with ideas, refine those ideas, and learn to efficiently work towards a storytelling goal that lives up to the magic in those dreamy first impressions.

In order to fully explore this process, this workshop is going to be presented a bit differently than we’ve done before.  Our goal is to give enough time to fully explore your ideas, and at the same time, capture the goodness that always comes from workshop participants and presenters.