EDP Presentation – In the Art Room – Drawing Like an Engineer!

Designing a Sail and Logo – 2nd Grade
Students will use Duplo blocks, focusing on the shapes and adding labels. They will also use other simple toys in order to practice.


Making a Clay Substrate – 5th Grade
ASK – Students are asked to think about what plants need to grow: Air, water, light, and something to grow in – a substrate.

IMAGINE – Students design a new substrate for germinating seeds in an aquaponics system. The new substrate should provide plenty of air and water to the germinating seed and a place for the roots to hold on to.

PLAN – Students draw three different plans for their substrate, depicting the shape that they thought would provide the most air, water, and places for the plants to hold on to. In addition to shape, plans included list of organic materials to be added to clay. Then, they chose the one design they thought fit the specifications best.

CREATE – Students added materials to their clay, and shaped their substrate focusing on making beads with regard to distributing organic material and consistent sizing of beads…and finishing in 35 minutes!


Exploring Art with EDP – 6th Grade
Students will explore different materials and how they work is an important aspect to art.

ASK – Explore and evaluate use of different materials. Students will rotate through stations and write down pro’s and con’s to each set of materials.

IMAGINE – Design an original artwork that includes 1 CD, 1 square piece of paper (9×9 or 12×12), and any other materials in the art room. Draw 3 designs. Then choose one for final art work. CD must be altered, and paper must be altered.

PLAN – List all of the Materials needed for original art.


CONTRIBUTOR: Meg Baumgardt
ORGANIZATION: He‘eia Elementary School

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