EDP Unit Plan – Designing a Water Filter

How can we use our knowledge of how different filter materials work, our creativity, and EDP to design and improve a water filter that cleans contaminated mystery water?

Students will be able to…

  • use EDP to design a water filter to clean non-toxic contaminated water. 
  • ask about the problem, imagine different solutions, plan, create, test their water filter designs, and improve their designs based on test results.

Students will learn that:

  • engineers use a series of steps, called the Engineering Design Process, to design solutions to problems.
  • a good design will meet all of the criteria for solving a problem (in this case, speedy filtration, removal of particles and color, and low cost) to some degree.
  • sometimes increasing the performance of a design on some criteria (e.g., making cleaner, clearer water)


CONTRIBUTOR: Tara Seto, Māpuana Leong
ORGANIZATION: Kaneohe Elementary School

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TOPICS:  Engineering Design
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