EDP Unit Plan – Egg Drop

This unit asks students “How can we use the engineering process to protect Native bird species from extinction?”

  • Students will be able to define a design problem; generate and evaluate multiple egg catcher designs that meet constraints and criteria; build an egg catcher in a timely manner; test their designs and consider improvements based on the trial results (3-5 ETS1-1)
  • Students will be able to explain which direction an object close to Earth’s surface will fall & describe how gravity causes objects on Earth to fall directly downward (5-PS2-1)
  • Students will be able to help our community and environment by obtaining information about an existing problem in society, then considering solutions by applying the engineering design process (5-ESS3-1)

The rubric for this unit is also available.

  • EDP Unit Plan Rubric – Egg Drop


CONTRIBUTOR: Adam Holbert, Sheryl Mahiko
ORGANIZATION: Benjamin Parker Elementary School

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