EDP Unit Plan – Natural Disasters

Students will be working on four components related to natural disasters through four separate lessons (wind, high wind, earthquakes, and hurricanes) that involve them learning about the natural process of what the earth and humans go through naturally. The four lessons will build up to complete a unit that involves various natural disasters.

Students will be applying background knowledge of different natural disasters through informational text and applying cause & effect comprehension strategies through writing.  Students will also be analyzing effects of disasters on people around the world and how it affects them and their environment. Lastly, students will also be using math concepts related to area/perimeter to help them in designing their structures.

Lesson 1: Three Little Pigs House Design Challenge

  • Design and build a house, 9” or taller, with four sides and a roof that will withstand the wolf trying to blow it down (using a hand fan) for 10 seconds.

Lesson 2: High Wind

  • Design and build a structure that a family of at least 3 people can live with, with at least one adult. The structure must withstand the force of a strong wind (hair dryer) for 10 seconds. Students must use the available supplies and stay within your budget of $20.

Lesson 3: Earthquakes

  • Design and build a 3 story, 2 foot tower that will withstand a simulated earthquake for 20 seconds.

Lesson 4: Hurricanes

  • Design and build a 14 inch structure that is at least 8 inches off the ground that can withstand a simulated hurricane (a large foil pan filled with water with a fan on high speed) for 20 seconds.


CONTRIBUTOR: Wendy Guro, Marilou Gorai, Sheri Kekina
ORGANIZATION: He‘eia Elementary School

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