Hydroponics for Social Studies – Multidisciplinary Research and Activities with Autumn Pemble

Driving Question: How can hydroponics benefit our community?

Students will independently conduct research, utilizing at least three sources to answer the driving question. Students will show understanding of the research process by creating supporting questions while synthesizing information from reliable sources. Students will complete a research chart, requiring them to paraphrase or quote factual information. They will also complete a ROAR chart to ensure that they use credible sources. Students will choose an activity to show their learning.

Activities include:

  • Hydroponics Diamante Poem
  • Hydroponics Infographic
  • Hydroponics Jeopardy Game
  • Hydroponics Short Story
  • Hydroponics Slideshow
  • Hydroponics Student Song and Video
  • Hydroponics Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game

These activities were developed for the GEER-Funded STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research Network.


CONTRIBUTOR: Autumn Pemble, Social Studies
ORGANIZATION: Washington Middle School

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GRADES:  06, 07, 08
TOPICS:  Agriculture, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Science, Social Studies
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