Solar Car Multidisciplinary Lesson Collection

This in-depth lesson collection includes everything a teacher needs to facilitate a multidisciplinary solar car unit. Students will investigate the scientific and mathematical principles required to build a solar powered vehicle. They will use the information they gather through investigations on solar energy, gear ratios and aerodynamics to engineer their cars for optimal operation and to meet criteria with which they are confronted. Each lesson includes learning goals, procedures, presentation materials, student worksheets, and assessments. Additional instructional resources include background on engineering design process, technical documentation for solar car materials, and multimedia files of student artifacts.

–Kara Sukuka, John Constantinou, Randall Shinn, STEM Pre-Academy

Year Produced: 2017

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GRADES:  6, 7, 8
TOPICS:  Engineering, Engineering Design, Math, Science
TAGS: design, engineering design process, prototyping