Save Seeds, Save Our Future Feedback Form

Save Seeds, Save Our Future Feedback Form


Workshop Content

I learned something new about WHY to save seeds.
I feel I am able to apply or teach techniques of seed saving to my students.
The student seed stories from middle school, high school, and college students provided me inspiring insights about education and teaching.
The teacher seed stories from elementary, middle school, and high school provided me with creative ideas to integrate saving seeds or related activity.

Workshop Format

The student presenters changed the way I think about sustainability and my own students.
The teachers’ presentations made sustainability and seed saving seem more feasible with my own students.
The workshop's virtual format and agenda was effective for an introduction to seed saving.
Providing a breakout by grade groups to discuss and share curriculum application was valuable.

Workshop Resources and Dissemination

Having access to the resources, connections, and expert contacts provided through the workshop will be valuable to me as an educator.
I plan to implement seed saving techniques with the students and colleagues I work with.
I would be interested in joining a followup workshop or discussion sessions on seed saving over the summer.