STEM Pre-Academy Launches a New Website!

STEM Pre-Academy is delighted to announce the launch of our newly designed website, stempreacademy.hawaii.eduConnect to Inspire Change.

After plenty of dedication and hard work, we have launched a brand new website that is easy to navigate, interactive and community-focused. Our website has a refreshed, simple layout that showcases our new branding with a clean, modern esthetic, a renewed color and text palette and a highly creative symbol designed by the Community Design Center, School of Architecture at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.  Learn more about the significance of the design elements.

We are thrilled with the overall look and feel of the new branding but where this site really shines is in its expanded capacity, features and functionality.  We envisioned a vibrant platform with an intranet for community building, an effortless toolkit borrowing process, multimedia functionality to benefit online learning and teaching practices and a dynamic newsroom to spotlight those contributing to STEM education advancement. Our team was able to incorporate these aspects into the final design, while also creating a dynamic platform that is current, relevant and expansive.

To get the most out of this enhanced experience, please create an account to set up your profile.  This will enable you to borrow technology for your classrooms, post to community forums and network with other STEM teachers, UH research faculty and subject matter experts. 

We hope that you enjoy this reimagined website and it provides you with the resources, collaborative tools, and engaged scholarship required to ignite your educational objectives.  We remain committed to serving as an energetic catalyst for new relationships, possibilities, and discovery and this interactive and user-friendly website advances this aspiration. 


Published: 2020