STEM Pre-Academy Has a Brand New Design

STEM Pre-Academy’s design element is a monogram “S”. The movement created by the radiating lines reveals the moment of connection and transition between the two halves. This speaks to a moment of change, spark, and discovery. STEM Pre-Academy serves to facilitate these types of “a-ha” connections between a variety of groups: researchers, teachers, students, and the local community. It serves as a catalyst between people and ideas.  

The symbolism of the lines unifies STEM Pre-Academy directives and initiatives. Connect To Inspire Change – our aim and purpose. Facilitating public and charter school teachers’ and students’ connections to the research of the University of Hawai‘i faculty, researchers, and college students. The University of Hawaii’s research connects to real-world challenges and examples addressed by the professional community. 

The professional community advises on impacting our local public schools. Inspiring students with science knowledge, learning new, hands-on ways bringing abstract STEM concepts to real-life applications. 

The new symbol aims to capture the STEM Pre-Academy is a place of connection that serves as an energetic catalyst for new relationships, possibilities, and discovery. 

The STEM Pre-Academy would like to recognize Cathi Ho Schar, Nicole Biewenga, Jill Axelson for their generosity and talent on this project. Additionally, thank you to the Community Design Center, School of Architecture, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa for their inspired, creative collaboration on the STEM Pre-Academy design elements and renewed branding.

Published: 2020