Apple iPad Air, 32GB

A tablet with WiFi, Bluetooth and Camera capabilities. These iPads are perfect for online research, robotics, and data collection with Pasco sensors. All iPads come pre-loaded with Sphero and Ozobot apps, as well as the data collection apps necessary for all Pasco sensors.

Need a specific app downloaded? Please let us know!

Canon DSLR Camera T2i

Capture activities and learning through video or photos with this DSLR camera. Useful for recording student projects or teacher demonstrations. SD card included. Tripod, external microphones, and additional media equipment available upon request.

Coral Bleaching Kit

Developed by the Coral Resilience Lab at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology, this activity seeks to bring a tangible visualization of coral bleaching and will give students a better understanding of how ocean warming events and other stressors affect the health of corals, and that of those which do not experience bleaching. As a parallel, students will be able to see the physical change that the animal undergoes when exposed to a warming event. Students will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is a coral and what happens when coral bleaches?
  • What causes coral bleaching?
  • What are resilient corals and how are they beneficial?

Download the curriculum resources here.

Digital Multimeter

The Digital Multimeters measure electricity, primarily as current, voltage, or resistance. Students can measure the output of batteries, solar panels, or other generators, or troubleshoot electronic devices.

Eisco Force Table

Are you looking for a hands-on demonstration of Newton's First Law? The Eisco Force Table uses a series of pulleys and weights to help demonstrate how multiple forces acting in different directions affect the movement of an object. The kit is easy to assemble and has everything your students need to set up the activity.

Extech Flat pH Electrode for Solids

Measure the pH of solids like soils, gels, food, and more.

Extech Infrared Temperature Gun

Measure surface temperatures with this infrared thermometer. Includes a built-in laser pointer, adjustable high alarm, two AAA batteries, soft case, and a wrist wrap.

FabLab ModelMaker 3D Modeling

Fablab ModelMaker software is used to render 3D shapes. The output initially shows the net of the shapes which can be printed on paper and cut out using a paper cutting machine (also available for loan). Each shape created includes additional information such as description, formulas (volume, surface area), parameters, and more for reference. These reference metrics allow students to learn more about each shape, as well as assess their understanding of geometric shapes, volumes, variables and ratios.

Note: For Macintosh users, the last version of macOS that is compatible with FabLab is 10.4, Mojave. If you require alternate computers to run FabLab, just let us know!

Gear Car Kit

Explore the basics of gears with the Gear Car kit. The cars come in sets with two different gear ratios that allow students to investigate the effect of gear ratio on the car's performance (speed and power). This tool comes with curricula that includes a powerpoint, a video link, and an investigation and can be used as is, or modified for your class. The lessons and cars can be used as a stand alone investigation or to prepare students for designing a Solar Car.

HyperDuino – Basic Starter Kit

HyperDuino is an incredible concept that was created by Roger Wagner (writer of the original Apple II documentation!). HyperDuino kits allow users in any skill range to build physical, interactive projects in no time at all using an Arduino and the HyperDuino board. Beginners might make an interactive display that lights up when you press the right button. An intermediate user might add interactive video to the display. And the advanced user can take full advantage of the power of the arduino and create something truly amazing. It's quite stunning how quickly and easily these projects can be created.

Here are some links to HyperDuino documentation provided by the designer:

HyperDuino – Mini-Makerspace Class Parts Set

The HyperDuino Mini-Makerspace Class Parts Set contains everything you need to bring the HyperDuino Basic Starter Kits to a whole classroom full of students.

Here are some links to HyperDuino documentation provided by the designer:

HyperDuino – Motor and Servo Set

The HyperDuino Motor and Servo Set adds the element of controlled movement to your projects. Flip a switch, drive a car, raise a flag--anything!

Here are some links to HyperDuino documentation provided by the designer:

Indoor Hydroponic Kit

Introduce your students to hydroponics with this small indoor system. Comes with a 6"H x 16"W x 24"L container that holds 6 individual planters, air pump with tubing, water level indicator, adjustable height grow light stand, and four 2' T5 lights.

Note: O‘ahu pickup only!

Kill-A-Watt Power Meter

The Kill-A-Watt power meter measures and records appliance power consumption and calculates power cost based on local power companies’ price per kilowatt. Students can investigate “standby power”, and explore the energy consumed by appliances even when they are turned off.

littleBits STEAM Student Set

littleBits are just what they sound like! Little bits of technology that can be magnetically attached together to make just about any electronics-based maker project. The STEAM Student Set includes all the bits to occupy 3 students, or 6+ if grouped. The set contains 19 Bits and 45 Accessories, 8 Challenges, 6 Step-by-Step Resources, and an Invention Guide Book. Even better, a wealth of community-created content and tips are just a Google search away!