Save Seeds, Save Our Future

Virtual Workshop for K-12 Educators
Saturday, April 23, 2022
8:30 am – 11:30 am

In this workshop, Hawai‘i teachers will learn and share seed saving practices that preserve the islands’ biodiversity, and encourage self-sufficiency for future generations.

Join us to be inspired and learn from passionate keiki o ka ‘āina barely older than your own students!

Presenter Tyler Levine, a high school junior and Founder of SEEDS of Honua, and Contributor Keoni Lorenzo, a UH Mānoa student, represent a generation of fearless agents of change dedicated to securing an ecologically sustainable future for our world.

Debbie Millikan, ‘Iolani School Sustainability Specialist, will facilitate an educator discussion on successfully integrating these hands-on experiences into classrooms and school programs.

Parker Sawyer and Rainbow Pharaon, both educators from Kaʻōhao Public Charter School in Kailua, will share implementation examples and facilitate an educator discussion.

Yinan Wang, an 8th grade student at Washington Middle School, will share her seed story and illustrate (literally and figuratively!) the unique path that every student walks.

You can read more about these fantastic presenters on the bios page.

This workshop series is supported by the GEER-funded STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research project.

Seed Saving Activity with Tomatoes

The Save Seeds, Save Our Future workshop included an activity, Seed Saving Activity with Tomatoes. This two part activity covers processing, fermentation, drying, and storage of tomato seeds. Participants were asked to document their progress in pictures and thoughts. Two wonderful examples of this documentation are linked below.

The first example, from Kacie F., a resource teacher at Waianae Elementary school includes the application of NGSS standards. Kacie comments, “I thought it was a great, hands-on activity to engage students in the seed saving process and to build understanding about the importance of sustaining our local plant production.”

The second example comes from retired science teacher, Clyde K. Clyde offers, “This activity is a great opportunity to develop observation skills, follow directions, learn about the fermentation process, and other vocabulary regarding seed saving.”

SEEDS of Honua

SEEDS of Honua, founded by presenter Tyler Levine, is a youth-led movement-based organization committed to creating a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future of peace by connecting Keiki to nature and empowering them to take action to protect and respect our mother earth.

Learn more, and apply to join the Virtual Seed Exchange at the SEEDS of Honua website!