STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research Network (STEAMER)

STEAMER re-envisioned student interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics by placing major emphasis on fun and authenticity in learning. Centered on sustainable agriculture, STEAMER offered experiences in an inclusive and interdisciplinary framework, as opposed to learning typically isolated in subject classwork, after school clubs, and independent research projects. Each of three participating schools, Washington Middle, Ilima Intermediate, and Waipahu Intermediate schools, contributed uniquely to the project, leading to new approaches and models of teacher and student engagement.

Washington Middle School science teachers and their newly formed science club conceived STEAMER when 8th grade alumni insisted that learning be fun and compelling. They transformed their existing hydroponics project into an educational playground where individuals and groups could access and ‘play’ with hydroponic challenges. Next generation STEAM champions were empowered by GEER funding of all STEAMER projects and activities innovated by teachers and supported by community and subject matter experts.

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CONTRIBUTOR: Jason Akamine, Randall Shinn, Ken Kozuma, Michael Harano
ORGANIZATION: Washington Middle School, Ilima Intermediate School, Waipahu Intermediate School

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GRADES:  06, 07, 08
TOPICS:  Earth Science, Environmental Science, Life Science, Science, Social Studies
TAGS: GEER, STEM education, hydroponics, sustain, sustainability