The STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research Network, also known as STEAMER, was inspired by the vision of educators to reconnect students, teachers, and community through the practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Math, Entrepreneurship, and Research.

Representing the STEAMER Network Project – Washington Middle School Presentation to Governor David Ige and First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige

On Wednesday, December 22, 2021, the principal, students, and teachers of Washington Middle School presented Governor Ige and the First Lady with a project gift that represents the interdisciplinary culmination of just one activity from the first semester of the GEER-funded STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research (STEAMER) Network project.

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Join the Save Seeds, Save Our Future group!

As part of the STEAMER project, STEM Pre-Academy hosted the Save Seeds, Save Our Future workshop on Saturday, April 23, 2022. It was an incredible workshop, and we’ll be posting presentation slides, additional resources and activities, and videos into the group.

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A note on the STEAMER logo from designer (and 8th grade student at Washington Middle School) Yinan Wang:

STEAMER Project Logo

“The STEAMER logo was inspired by our Science Club’s main topics: recycling, creativity, and the overarching theme of environment. My first thought was to use green for the recycling symbol, which also references the produce bags we made from up-cycled waste earlier this year. To make the logo more recognizable, I fashioned the acronym for our school’s name with arrows and colored it yellow to distinguish it from the recycling logo. Finally, I added the hands holding a plant in the center and some floral embellishment around it.”

Yinan Wang
Yinan Wang at work on the STEAMER logo.
Logo designer Yinan Wang hard at work!

And a note on the Washington Middle School GEER logo from designer and Washington Middle School art teacher, Jonathan Fong:

GEER Logo on a student vessel

The visual symbol of the interlocking gear components that include the acronym for “Governor’s Emergency Education Relief” signifies how our school, community, and government agencies work together and support each other to make it possible to create innovative programs at our school. It takes supportive partnerships and dedicated teamwork to get the ‘gears turning’ and to spark programs into motion.

The design was meant to reflect our connection with the GEER program to support and develop our school’s STEAMER hydroponics project. If you look closely, hidden within the GEER logo is the molecular structure of water – two hydrogen atoms connected to a larger oxygen atom.