MakerBot Replicator Mini+ Compact 3D printer

MakerBot has long been a top choice for 3D printing in the classroom. The Mini+ is compact and very quick and easy to set up. It includes a built-in camera that allows users to monitor longer print jobs through the MakerBot mobile app. If you are just getting started with 3D printing, the comprehensive and user-friendly MakerBot Replicator Mini+ is a perfect place to start.

MakeyMakey Designer Kit

MakeyMakey is a small circuit board that is connected to a computer via USB cable. The computer thinks that the circuit board is the actual keyboard! With alligator clips, students can attach various conductive objects to the circuit boards to design their own keyboards!

Normally, computer games and musical instruments are played using the standard keyboard. But with their very own MakeyMakey keyboards, just imagine the possibilities for students to design computer game controllers or musical instruments! MakeyMakeys have long been a student favorite for experiencing the engineering design process, learning about conductive and insulating materials, and as an introduction to circuitry.

Ozobot Classroom Kit

The Ozobot Bit is the 1st generation robot from Ozobot. Ozobots are a great way to engage students and bring robotics and coding into the classroom. Ozobot robots are codable two ways, 1) “screen free” using colored markers to draw commands on paper (washable markers or Sharpies work well) or 2) program using Ozoblockly coding app (similar to Code Studio or Scratch). Ozobots are great tools for integrating math and science content, and even art, social studies, and ELA! The Ozobot Bit Classroom kit includes 18 robots and 18 sets of colored markers and code sheets to support up to 25-30 students. Check out the Ozobot online community for ideas and lessons to engage your students! iPads with Ozobot apps are available upon request for implementation with Ozoblockly coding.

Pasco 550 Universal Interface

The 550 Universal Interface has two sensor ports plus an analog control interface with built-in temperature and voltage sensors with probes and USB or Bluetooth connection. Can be used with iPads, laptops, Chromebooks or Android tablets. Recommended for use with the Pasco Newton's Laws kit.

Pasco Advanced Water Quality Sensor

The Advanced Water Quality Sensor allows students to measure multiple water parameters individually or simultaneously. Parameters include pH, temperature, conductivity (salinity), pressure and dissolved oxygen. A great addition for field trips or for use with water filtration kits!

Pasco CO2 Sensor

Measure the concentration of carbon dioxide for experiments in respiration, photosynthesis, chemical reactions, air quality and more. Great for use alone or with other sensors via the Pasco EcoZone System!

Pasco EcoZone System

The EcoZone System was designed to help students understand the interactions within different ecosystems. The three clear acrylic Eco Chambers are rugged and easy to set up and clean and they are designed to accommodate Pasco sensors to allow quantitative measurement of a wide range of real-time environmental parameters.

Pasco Flow Rate and Water Temperature Sensor

Measure the volumetric flow rate and temperature of aquatic and marine field sites using a 3 to 7-foot telescoping rod. Great for field activities and measuring variation along different locations and depths of a stream or intertidal zone.

Pasco Force Sensor

Measure up to 50 Newtons (11.2 lb-force) of force in the direction of this sensor. Applications include force measurement during collisions, force of a pendulum, and force exerted by an oscillating object.

Pasco Goniometer Sensor

Attach the Goniometer to your arm or leg to measure angular position, velocity, and acceleration. Combine it with the Force Sensor to measure the power required to lift an object.

Pasco GPS Position Sensor

Just like the GPS on a smartphone, this Global Position Sensor collects data from satellites orbiting the planet to provide the user’s latitude, longitude, altitude, and velocity. Great for collecting metadata on field trips!

Pasco Humidity/Temp/Dew PT Sensor

The Pasco Humidity/Temp/Dew PT sensor allows the student to measure the the air water content, temperature and Dew point in real time.

Pasco Infrared (IR) Light Sensor

The Pasco PS-2148 Infrared Sensor measures light wavelengths from 580 to 40,000 nanometers.

Pasco Light Level Sensor

This sensor mimics the wavelength sensitivity of our eyes and measures illuminance in lux.

Pasco Light Spectrometer

The Pasco Wireless Spectrometer is a sensor used for introductory spectroscopy experiments. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity allow use with tablets or computers. With this instrument, students can measure intensity, absorbance, transmittance and fluorescence.

Includes 10 plastic cuvettes and lids, perfect for study solution and color changing chemical reactions. The included Fiber Optic Cable also allows students to perform emissions spectroscopy experiments simply inserting the Fiber Optic Cable into the cuvette holder and pointing the end of the cable at the light source.