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Students from five of Ken Kozuma’s 7th and 8th grade agriculture classes at Waipahu Intermediate School have begun their school composting project. Mr. Kozuma and his students used the Engineering Design Process to create the composting systems and the classes are evaluating the effectiveness of their designs and continue to make changes and upgrades. With composting underway, Mr. Kozuma and his students look forward to selling their product to the community.

Sustainable Agriculture: Composting Through STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research

A critical step for the advancement of sustainable agriculture in Hawai‘i is promoting the use of composting to transform waste into organic fertilizer, and Waipahu Intermediate School teacher Ken Kozuma’s students are getting a sustainable jumpstart.

As part of the GEER-funded STEAM Entrepreneurship and Research (STEAMER) Network, the composting project is currently being run in five of Mr. Kozuma’s 7th and 8th grade agriculture classes. Student learning comes through hands-on experiences, guided discussion, and class reflection.

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