Second Update on STEAMER Project at WMS

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another update! Things are moving fast at Washington Middle School and I’m happy to announce that the Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) with the Kupaa teachers are in gear. Around two weeks ago, I was able to facilitate a meeting with the Kupaa teachers and we concluded one of our last meetings in the “planning stage.” We have a timeline established and the teachers are ready to dive into their IDU lessons in this quarter! I’ve heard some amazing ideas but don’t want to spoil everything.

Hint: hopefully a gift of life will emerge at the end of it.

I am also currently working with the club members and we’re coordinating to bring in the Entrepreneurship aspect for the club in the 3rd quarter. We want to get our production system running so students can experiment and lead their own business. The club will also be proactive in helping the Interdisciplinary Unit and Interdisciplinary Activities.

So far we’ve had some amazing activities take place. I’ll attach some of the photos documented below. Stay tuned to see what exciting things take place next!

Thank you,

Audrey Oh

Student Project Manager, Washington Middle School Alumni and Senior, Punahou School

Introducing Damion Kaholo


I’m Damion Kaholo, an engineering intern with STEM Pre-Academy and a Mechanical Engineering student at UHM.

I was given the opportunity to share some of my knowledge of solid body modeling with Audrey. We focused on the basics of SketchUp and she was able to create a layout of Washington Middle School hydroponics facility — she picked up on the program really fast. I can’t wait to see the final design!

Good luck, Audrey!

First Update on STEAMER Project at WMS

Hello everyone!

The past month and a half has been really busy but awesome. We started to clean up the H2 facility and build a few structures for our vertical hydroponics! We’ve also been putting in hours into restoring the greenhouse to use alongside the hydroponics facility. Amidst the handiwork, I’ve had the opportunity to present and talk to teachers from all grades about the activities we plan to do via this grant. The Kupaa and Pookela team teachers, along with individual teachers from other grades, have been very generous, meeting with me on several occasions to establish the Interdisciplinary Activities and Unit! They provided excellent feedback and I can’t wait to see what all of the students will learn and take away from this opportunity. With that said, I am no expert in this field so working with Mr. Akamine and Mrs. Ishii has provided me with great insight on project management. I have now returned to Punahou to begin my senior year but I am eager to help move the project forward.

Thank you very much!

Audrey Oh

Student Project Manager, Washington Middle School Alumni and Senior, Punahou School